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New Crime Theory [Dec. 15th, 2011|11:00 am]
Criminology Hub


Dear Sir,
Each and every person on this globe gets affected by different sorts of criminal acts ranging from Environmental offences to corruption to white collar crimes to murders to rapes, road accidents to industrial accidents, cyber crimes to human trafficking, religious violence to class conflicts ,drugs smuggling to animal parts smuggling and dozens of other crimes. More than 9 million people remain in different jails all across the world every year and hundreds of millions are involved, acquitted for want of evidence or facing trials and then there are billions of victims of crimes and suffering the aftermaths of such criminal acts. For the last about four-five centuries, hundreds of researchers, criminologists, penologists, sociologists and many more have been trying to find reasons as why people commit crimes and on the basis of their research work and the theories propounded by them, the modern criminal law has been framed. During this period, about two dozen criminological theories have been propounded to explain various reasons of crime but no theory has been able to give the total explanation and reason for majority of crimes and so the solutions have also been inadequate and hence the ever increasing crime. Majority of these theories have been propounded by western researches but unfortunately, in India and many other countries of the world, no such work has been carried out seriously because of lack of support from governments and Universities. These theories mainly focus on physical features like city environments, social fabric, gang compositions, physical components of body etc. or learning techniques but have given little reasons for abnormal behavior of human beings which puts them on the path of criminality. This was because, western world had no knowledge about “Mind” or its pain giving aberrations like Greed, Anger, Lust, Ego, passion, aversion, revulsion, thirst for bodily enjoyments etc. which states of mind were rejected as ‘Mentalisms’ by western world, but for which, my theory and book has sufficient explanations as well as the mode to control the source, “The Human Mind”.
For the last about twenty years, I have been thinking and working on these lines and have done extensive field work and about six years of research work and on the basis of my these works, I have propounded/invented a technique (Yogic Crime Theory)which not only quite possibly explains the reasons for all sorts of criminality and as to why people become criminals but also the way by virtue of which we can modify and change human behavior. This theory is a blend/fusion of Yoga, Criminology, behavior therapy etc. and is expected to bring perceptible change in our view about crime causation and will lead to new legislations and typolization of various crimes and their treatment modes being practiced till today. So far our approach has been to treat all sorts of offences and offenders by one yardstick, like treating all patients with one medicine and putting him on medication after he gets the disease, putting him in isolation wards without categorization and without going into the cause of the disease. This theory works on the mind of the criminal and has been successful in changing the composition and character of billions of neurons and human brain and changing his thought process, enfeebling his negative forces and then finally eliminating them from his brain, creating space in the neurons and filling up those neurons with positive thoughts and making him law abiding citizen. It’s a very complex process but quite achievable. It’s like changing/replacing the malicious programmes in a computer and then reformatting it and putting new software in it to make it people/user friendly. This technique is totally unique and have more than ninety percent success rate and is totally inexpensive. It can be of immense use to the private sector like industrial houses, educational institutions, civil society and governments all across the globe, facing the onslaught of criminality. My forthcoming book, “Controlling the Mind of a Criminal, the Yogic Way” largely explains the concept but certain measures and the changes required in the penal laws and various legislations will be explained in later stages due to certain practical reasons.
This invention/theory has more practical applications than even say finding drug for cancer or AIDS because many more people suffer due to crime than these two deadly diseases. I want to share the idea with all those involved in criminal justice system or like fields and hope the entire world will take benefit of this invention/propounding of a concept.
Yours sincerely
Rameshwar Singh Jamwal,
Dy. Advocate General, J&K
Criminologists Society ,http://www.facebook.com/rameshwar.singh.jamwal?ref=tn_tnmn