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Criminology Hub

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Welcome to the Criminology Hub (b. 03/2006)

I have established this community with the intent of providing a comfortable forum for those interested in criminology and criminal justice, to raise, discuss, and debate relevant topics such as:

* academic programmes
* one's own homework/research
* professional goals
* prison reform
* controversial court rulings
* professional experiences
* depictions of crime in the media
* hot topics such as hate crime and racial profiling
* crime statistics

That which is less than desirable:

* disrespectful remarks to others in the community
* intolerance regarding race, gender, sexuality, and disability
* obsessional serial killer chat (save that for the Ted Bundy community)

All are welcome, especially students of criminology, those who work in the field of corrections, and those who are keen to enhance their understanding of criminological matters.
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